How to Farm Aluminum in Starfield


Best Ways to Farm Aluminum in Starfield

Best Aluminum Farm Starfield – Aluminum, a versatile and valuable resource in the Starfield universe, plays a crucial role in crafting essential weapon and armor mods, advanced spacecraft and outpost structures, and various Research Projects. Whether you’re a settler or an explorer, having a substantial supply of this vital metal is essential for your space adventure.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best methods to farm Aluminum in Starfield, ensuring that you’re well-stocked with this essential metal for your interstellar adventures!

How to Get Aluminum (Al) in Starfield

There are mainly three ways to obtain Aluminum efficiently:

1. Mining Aluminum from Deposits

Using Laser Cutter to Manually Mine Aluminum in Starfield

One of the quickest methods to acquire Aluminum, especially when you need it immediately, is by manually mining it from Aluminum veins scattered across different planets and moons in the universe. Follow these steps:

  • Use your hand scanner to locate Aluminum ore veins when you’re on the surface of a planet or moon.
  • When you find one, get close and use your Laser Cutter to extract the metal.

While this method provides a fast way to obtain Aluminum, it requires active exploration and mining on your part. However, there’s a more passive approach to automatically acquire this resource while you focus on other activities:

2. Using an Extractor to Mine Aluminum

Using an Aluminum Extractor to Automatically Mine Aluminum in Starfield

A more relaxed approach to Aluminum mining in Starfield involves setting up an Extractor to handle the work for you. Here’s how to do it:

  • Use your Starmap to identify a planet or moon with Aluminum resources (or refer to our list below for the best locations).
  • Land on the selected celestial body and, using your scanner, locate areas with a high concentration of Aluminum deposits.
  • Once you’ve chosen a suitable site, place an Outpost beacon covering as much of the Aluminum deposits as possible.
  • Finally, place an Aluminum Extractor on the deposits to initiate the automatic mining process!

3. Purchasing Aluminum from Vendors

Aluminum Available for Purchase at a Vendor in Starfield

If you’d rather use your Credits to stock up on Aluminum without the hassle of mining, you can visit one of the many merchants on major planets. Keep in mind that the availability of Aluminum with a specific vendor can be somewhat random!

Jemison MercantileNew AtlantisJemison
Mining LeagueNeonVolii Alpha
Midtown MineralsAkila CityAkila
UC Distribution CenterNew AtlantisJemison
Denis AverinCydoniaMars

#ProTip: If you purchase all of a merchant’s Aluminum stock, you can wait on a chair for 24 in-game hours, and their stock will refresh. This trick allows you to buy Aluminum in bulk if needed!

Best Planets for Aluminum Farming in Starfield

  • Best Location for Aluminum Farming in Starfield
  • Andraphon, Moon of Sumati Location in Starfield

With over 1,000 planets in Starfield, finding the right ones for effective Aluminum farming can be overwhelming. To simplify your search, here are our top three planets known for their high Aluminum content:

  1. Andraphon, Moon of Sumati – Narion
  2. Thalassa – Olympus
  3. Porrima III – Porrima

Now that you’re equipped with these methods and locations, you’ll be well-prepared to secure a steady supply of Aluminum for all your adventures in the Starfield universe. Happy farming!

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