Mortal Kombat 1 Johnny Cage Moves List

Mortal Kombat 1

MK1 johnny Cage

If you are here for the Moves List of Johnny Cage in MK1, then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are all the Johnny Cage Moves:

First, let’s take a look at the default controls of Mortal Kombat 1 so that it becomes easier for you to understand.

Johnny Cage Moves List

MK1 johnny Cage

Basic Attacks

Move NameControls
Plot FistJ
Rough HouseJ, J
Knuckle Under the BuckleJ, J, I
Kontracted KickJ, J, L
Breaking Backhand⇒ + J
Elbow’s World⇒ + J, I
Under The Table⇒ + J, I, K
Back to the Footure⇒ + J, I, L
The Bee’s Knees⇓ + J
Talk to the HandI
My Own PublifistI, J
Dunking on HatersI, J, I
Legbanged RedemptShinI, J, L
Foot Loosey GooseyI, J, L, L
GutBusters⇐ + I
Charge GutBusterHold I
Rising Star⇓ + I
Reading ShoeK
PowK, K
Footless⇐ + K
Dizzy Knee⇒ + K
Elbow Before Me⇒ + K, I
On the Chin⇒ + K, I, J
Style Points⇒ + K, J
Ankle Of the Covenant:⇓ + K
John KickL
CagenadoL, L
Sweep the Leg⇐ + L
Flipper⇒ + L
Donkey Kick⇓ + L

Aerial Attacks

Move NameControls
Sky Die⇑ + ⇒ + J
Private Jet⇑ + ⇒ + J, I
Air Blood⇑ + ⇒ + J, I, L
Face X⇑ + ⇒ + I
Air Goring⇑ + ⇒ + I, L
Star WreckedThe Final Footier: ⇑ + ⇒ + I, L, L
Toe Tap⇑ + ⇒ + K or ⇑ + ⇒ + L


Move NameControls
Shove⇒ + ⇒/Spacebar + J + L
Hands OffSpacebar + J + K + O
Wombo ComboSpacebar + K


Move NameControls
Kombo Breaker⇒ + O


Move NameControls
Taunts⇓ + ⇓ + ⇓ + ⇓

Special Moves

Move NameControls
Ball Buster⇐, ⇓, J
Enhanced Ball Buster⇐, ⇓, J + O
Ball Buster (Hype)⇐, ⇓, J, U
Show Off⇓, ⇐, J
Extend Show OffHold J
Enhanced Show Off⇓, ⇐, J +O
Throwing Shade⇒, ⇓, ⇐, I
Enhanced Throwing Shade⇒, ⇓, ⇐, I + O
Throwing Shade (Hype)⇒, ⇓, ⇐, I, U
Rising Star⇓, ⇐, K
Enhanced Rising Star⇓, ⇐, K + O
Rising Star (Hype)⇓, ⇐, K, U
Shadow Dash⇓, ⇒, K
Enhanced Shadow Dash⇓, ⇒, K + O
Extend Shadow DashU
Shadow Kick⇐, ⇒, L
Shadow Kick (Hype)⇐, ⇒, L, U
Hype⇒, ⇓, ⇐, L
Wowing Out⇒, ⇓, ⇐, L

Fatal Blow

Move NameControls
That’s All FolksU + O (When at low health)



Move NameControls
Hollywood Walk of Pain + + + I


Move NameControls
The Klassic + I

These are all of Johnny Cage’s listed base moves in the Mortal Kombat 1. Additional fatalities can be unlocked using an in-game currency system akin to those in the previous Mortal Kombat Editions as well as through playing various game modes and exploring the areas that are home to a variety of mysterious unlockables.

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