How to Fast Travel in Minecraft Legends

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A Piglin creature attacking a village in Minecraft legends screenshot

Minecraft Legends Fast Travel – Minecraft Legends is the latest offering from Mojang, and it is finally out on all platforms after five long years of development! Fans from all over can now experience this real-time action-strategy video game, featuring a unique open world map with numerous landmarks to discover, secrets to uncover, and battles to fight. However, with such a large map, going from one Piglin base to another on foot can get quite tedious. 

Fortunately, Minecraft Legends allows you to teleport or fast travel between specific waypoints, making your journey much quicker and easier. This Gamer Haul guide will show you how to unlock fast-travel and teleport in Minecraft Legends!

How to Unlock Fast Travel & Teleport in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends Fast Travel MAP

Minecraft Legends allows you to teleport between different specific waypoints. The locations you can fast travel to include any saved village, any built Wellhouses, and the Well of Fate – where you’ll upgrade most of your Songbook. To teleport in Minecraft Legends, you only need to free a village from the Piglins or build a Wellhouse, which becomes available later in the game.

Once you’ve defeated the Piglins in a village or built a Wellhouse, hover over the waypoint on your map and press the respective button for fast travel (Space on keyboard). If you’re not sure what the ‘Fast Travel’ key is on your controller, look to the bottom right of the map!

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Fast travel in Minecraft Legends is an essential feature that can save you a lot of time and make exploring the vast open world much more enjoyable. And that’s everything you need to know about the fast travel feature and how to teleport in Minecraft Legends!

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