How to Increase Mob Limit in Minecraft Legends

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Minecraft Legends is a game that revolves around strategy. Unlike vanilla Minecraft, it is not just about solo adventuring but about commanding all the mobs of the Overworld to win your fights! Each mob in Minecraft Legends, from golems to creepers, zombies, and skeletons, has different roles and abilities that you need to make use of to succeed in your battles in this real-time strategy game. 

However, as you progress through the game, you will need more than the initial mob limit to keep up with the challenges you face. This is where increasing your mob limit comes in handy, and in this guide, we’ll cover how to do just that!

Minecraft Legends: How to Increase Mob Cap

To increase your mob count, you will need to construct ‘Flames of Creation’ Improvement at your Well of Fate. This will give you more Flames, which allows you to summon more mobs. Each Flames of Creation you build increases your mob limit by four and costs the following resources:

  • 200 Stones
  • 200 Prismarine
  • 25 Gold

You can also build the ‘Flames of Creation+’ Improvement, which grants ten additional mobs per build but costs more resources:

  • 400 Stones
  • 400 Prismarine
  • 100 Gold

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The ability to construct a Flames of Creation is unlocked shortly into the campaign after you get gold. The easiest way to get gold is by raiding Piglin Mining Outposts and destroying the gold mines you find there.

However, simply increasing your mob limit won’t mean you can command them all at once. Therefore, I recommend pairing the Flames of Creation Improvement with the ‘Improvement: Banner’ upgrade. This increases the maximum number of mobs you can rally by +15 and costs the following resources:

  • 100 Stones
  • 100 Prismarine
  • 25 Gold

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