How to Solve the Red and Blue Lasers Puzzle in Atomic Heart

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Screenshot of Passive Security Relay puzzle in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart sends players to a utopian alternate-universe Soviet Union in the 1950s, where machines have gone rogue, and in order to survive, you’ll have to fight your way through the countless mutants, machines, and superpowered robots that this disaster has unleashed. The game combines features from several genres and games to offer a unique and exciting gaming experience for all players. Nonetheless, being an RPG, Atomic Heart has its fair share of riddles you’ll need to solve to gain entry to a new section or valuable items.

The ‘Passive Security Relay’ puzzle, which has three lines of lasers connected to a common node, is one such obstacle you’ll encounter within the first hour of your gameplay. Here’s how you solve this puzzle to advance to the next area!

How to Solve the Passive Security Relay Puzzle in Atomic Heart

The first Passive Security Relay you’ll come across is the easiest one of its kind, and the game displays you a tutorial the first time you approach it. Here’s the picture in case you accidentally clicked away from it:

Passive Security Relay Puzzle Hint in Atomic Heart
Puzzle Tutorial/Hint

The symbols in the bottom right corner are reminiscent of the basic math logic of ‘negatives and positives.’ Red lines are positive (+), while blue lasers are negative (-). Although you won’t need this logic to solve this particular puzzle, it is something to keep in mind for future ones.

The goal of this puzzle is to match the color pattern on the left with the laser color. Each laser has a source node with an arrow going toward the final node, and you can rotate each of the six circular wooden boards to align the lasers correctly. Using that reasoning, the puzzle below asks you to arrange the blue laser such that it goes through the bottom nodes with the two red nodes above it.

First Passive Security Relay Puzzle in Atomic Heart Featuring series of red and blue lasers
First Passive Security Relay Puzzle

Thus, given where the lasers are now, we simply need to spin the bottom right wooden board once to switch the bottom and center lasers and appropriately align the blue laser:

First Passive Security Relay Puzzle Solution in Atomic Heart

Once you’ve correctly aligned all the lasers, every node should begin to light green, indicating that you’ve successfully solved the puzzle!

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That’s how you solve the Passive Security Relay puzzle in Atomic Heart. Remember, this is only the beginning, and these puzzles will increase in complexity as you progress through the game! Prepare for some brainstorming inside Facility 3826, comrade!

Atomic Heart is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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