Imogene vs. Ularu: Who to Side With in Starfield Guilty Parties?


Imogene vs Ularu Choice in Starfield Guilty Parties Mission

In the “Guilty Parties” mission of Starfield, you face a tough decision. Your task was to find and capture Imogene Salzo, the suspected mole in Ryujin Industries. However, you discover a surprising twist—Ularu Chen is the true culprit behind leaking Project Dominion to Infinity LTD. She ordered Imogene to act as a double agent and framed her for the leak!

You now possess evidence pointing to Ularu as the true mole, but the game also provides a second option: siding with Ularu and deceiving Dalton. So, which choice is the best in this situation?

What Happens if You Side With Ularu in Starfield?

Siding with Ularu in Guilty Parties Mission of Starfield

If you decide to side with Ularu and deceive Dalton by claiming that Imogene is the mole, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Ularu in her office before meeting Dalton.
  2. Inform her that you possess evidence of her being the mole.
  3. Regardless of whether you succeed in the Persuasion minigame, she will admit her involvement and ask you to choose between supporting her or Masako.
    • To side with Masako and Imogene, select dialogue options indicating your allegiance to Masako.
    • To support Ularu, choose options indicating your alignment with her or mention being motivated by credits.
  4. When you meet with Dalton, all dialogue choices will involve [Lying] and declaring that Imogene is the mole.

What Happens if You Side With Imogene in Starfield?

Siding with Imogene in Guilty Parties Mission of Starfield

Alternatively, if you choose to support Imogene and expose Ularu’s treachery:

  • Opt for a dialogue option during your conversation with Ularu that shows your allegiance to Masako, or simply skip the conversation and head directly to Dalton.
  • During your conversation with Dalton, all dialogue options will involve revealing the truth and exposing Ularu. You’ll provide him with the Slate containing evidence that clears the name of the innocent Imogene from the false accusations.
  • Dalton will express his gratitude for your assistance, and you can proceed to the next mission in the Ryujin Industries questline.

Should You Side with Ularu or Imogene in Starfield?

Dalton Dialogue Options in Guilty Parties Mission When Siding with Ularu in Starfield

While the immediate consequences and reactions to your choices may not unfold right away, there will be repercussions depending on whom you support in this mission. Siding with Ularu essentially endorses her ascent to the CEO position at Ryujin Industries, potentially dethroning Masako. This path also involves a morally questionable decision, as it uses Imogene, an innocent and loyal employee, as a scapegoat to protect Ularu.

I’ve outlined the ramifications you should consider when choosing between Ularu or Imogene (and Masako) in the “Guilty Parties” mission. Now, the decision rests with you and your Starfield character’s moral compass and objectives!

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And that’s everything you need to know about deciding whether to support Imogene or back Ularu as she aims to become the CEO of Ryujin Industries during the “Guilty Parties” mission in Starfield! We hope this guide has made it easier for you to choose what’s best for your character!

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