In-isa Shrine Location and Guide in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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The Entrance of the In-Isa Shrine in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has several shrines for Link to visit and explore, but the first four are the most important. Each of these shrines rewards Link with unique abilities for his new arm, and completing all four grants him the power to open the door to the Temple of Time. The In-isa Shrine is the second shrine in line. 

In this Gamer Haul article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to reach and complete the In-Isa Shrine puzzles in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – which will take you one step closer to finding your beloved princess!

How to Reach In-isa Shrine in Zelda TOTK

  • In-isa Shrine Location marked on the map in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
  • Crafting a raft in the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom

The In-isa Shrine is located in the westernmost portion of Great Sky Island at coordinates 0028, -1503, 1408. Follow these steps to reach the shrine:

  • Head southwest from the Ukouh Shrine (the first shrine you complete in TOTK) at the Temple of Time toward the large lake.
  • Use Link’s Ultrahand ability to create bridges by attaching nearby logs or planks to each other if you encounter gaps you cannot jump across.
  • Once at the shore of the lake, you’ll find a few logs of wood and sails lying at the bank. Use Ultrahand again to attach one of the sails to two logs to make a raft.
  • Place the raft on the water’s surface facing the island where the In-Isa Shrine is located and hop on. Be careful; it can take off without you if you’re too late!

Once you reach the island, simply make your way up the stairs to reach the In-Isa Shrine.

How to Complete the In-isa Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

The In-Isa Shrine requires you to use your freshly learned ‘Fuse’ ability to navigate across the rooms. It also teaches you how to use Fire Arrows in exploration and combat. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to complete the In-Isa Shrine in Zelda: TOTK:

  1. Pick up the Rusty Claymore waiting for you at the shrine’s entrance and approach the nearby boulders.
  2. With the Rusty Claymore equipped, use the Fuse ability from the shortcut wheel to infuse one of the boulders with your claymore.
  3. You can now use your newly crafted ‘Boulder Hammer’ to destroy the rocky wall blocking your path to the other room!
  • Infusing the Rusty Claymore with a Boulder in the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom
  • Using the Boulder Hammer to destroy walls in the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom
  1. Make your way inside the second room and take a right toward the room with the Fire Fruits. Pluck all the Fire Fruits from the six plants in the room, along with the Old Wooden Bow and 5x Arrows lying on the ground.
  2. With your bow equipped, press and hold the ‘Up’ key on the D-pad to open up the ‘Select a material to attack’ menu. Select Fire Fruit to imbue your next arrow with Fire, and then, charge up and fire a shot at the old vines on the north wall.
  3. The vines will burn up, and the chest being held by them will fall to the ground. Simply walk up to the chest and open it up to obtain the key to opening the door to the final room!
  • Attaching a fire fruit to make fire arrows in the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom
  • Shooting some vines on walls with a fire arrow at the In-Isa Shrine in the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom
  1. Before making your way to the next section, take out your boulder-infused Rusty Claymore and destroy the pillar on the left to drop another chest containing a few extra arrows.
  2. Get ready for a fight; a Captain Construct is expecting you in the final room of the In-Isa Shrine!

How to Beat the In-isa Shrine Boss

Captain Construct, the final boss of the In-Isa Shrine in in the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom

After making your way to the last room in the In-isa Shrine by following the previous steps, you will be greeted by a Captain Construct who is capable of using Fuse to strengthen its attacks, just like you. As scary as that may sound, I wouldn’t call this “boss” a formidable one, as he doesn’t give you too much trouble. Still, please don’t take his ranged attacks too lightly! 

Here are a few tips for defeating the In-isa Shrine’s ‘Captain Construct’ boss in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Keep your distance and use your best Bow and Arrow to fight this boss. Keep moving and strafing to dodge his ranged attacks.
  • Use fire-imbued arrows to light up the dry leaves where the Captain Construct is, dealing a significant amount of damage. If you’ve run out of Fire Fruits for whatever reason, you can climb the ladder on your left to conveniently find some more.
  • Headshots will also stagger him, allowing you to get in a few extra shots. 

Defeat the boss, collect your rewards and now all that is left to do is head to the altar and interact with it to complete the In-isa Shrine!

In-isa Shrine Completion Rewards

  • In-Isa Shrine First Reward: Construct Bow
  • In-Isa Shrine Second Reward: Captain Construct I Horn

As with every shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, completing the In-isa Shrine will reward you with valuable treasures and items that will aid you in your adventure. Here are the rewards you’ll receive upon finishing this shrine:

  • New Ability – Fuse: The most significant reward from the In-isa Shrine is the Fuse ability for Link’s new arm. With this ability, you’ll be able to infuse your weapons with energy, create new pathways, and solve puzzles in a unique way.
  • Boss Loot: Captain Construct, the shrine’s boss, will drop the usual loot you get from defeating enemies in TOTK, along with a Construct Bow (a fireproof bow) and the Captain Construct I Horn (a blade that you can attach to a weapon).
  • Extra Loot: As you exit the shrine after interacting with the altar, remember to climb the ladders by the right and left side of the boss room’s entrance to collect some extra loot. You’ll find weapons and Fire Fruits for later use!

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The In-Isa Shrine is a crucial step in your journey to save Princess Zelda and is definitely worth the effort to complete. With our guide, you should be able to easily navigate your way through the puzzles and defeat the Captain Construct boss to claim your rewards and unlock the Fuse ability!

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