Spell Quests: How to Learn Every Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

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Magic Combat in Hogwarts Legacy

The long-awaited Hogwarts Legacy has here, and it is the Harry Potter game that every fan has been waiting for! When you enter the magical realm of the Wizarding World and begin exploring what Avalanche Software’s newest RPG has to offer, you’re soon bound to start wondering how you could have your character obtain that spell from the books or movies. Or maybe you are a completionist like me and want to unlock and test out every single spell in the game!

Look no further; this Gamer Haul guide will show you how!

Screenshot of Spells Menu in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Unlock All 31 Spells in Hogwarts Legacy – All Spell Quests

Here is every spell that you’ll be able to learn in your Hogwarts Legacy journey and all the quests you will need to complete to unlock them:

SpellQuestQuest Type
Basic castDefault Attack
LumosPath to Hogwarts Main Quest
ProtegoPath to HogwartsMain Quest
StupefyPath to HogwartsMain Quest
Ancient magic throwWelcome to HogsmeadeMain Quest
Ancient magicWelcome to HogsmeadeMain Quest
AlohomoraThe Caretaker’s Lunar LamentMain Quest
Petrificus TotalusPercival Rackham’s TrialMain Quest
LeviosoDefence Against the Dark ArtsMain Quest
TransformationProfessor Weasley’s AssignmentAssignment
AccioCharms class Main Quest
DisillusionmentSecrets of the Restricted Section Main Quest
ReparoProfessor Ronen AssignmentAssignment
Wingardium LeviosaProfessor Garlick’s Assignment 1Assignment
GlaciusMagam Kogawa’s Assignment 1Assignment
Arresto MomentumMadam Kogawa’s Assignment 2Assignment
DepulsoProfessor Sharp’s Assignment 1Assignment
DiffindoProfessor Sharp’s Assignment 2Assignment
DescendoProfessor Onai’s AssignmentAssignment
FlipendoProfessor Garlick’s Assignment 2Assignment
ExpelliarmusProfessor Hecat’s Assignment 2Assignment
IncendioProfessor Hecat’s Assignment 1Assignment
BombardaProfessor Howin’s AssignmentAssignment
ConfringoIn the Shadow of the UndercroftMain Quest
Conjuring spellThe Room of RequirementMain Quest
Altering spellThe Room of RequirementMain Quest
EvanescoThe Room of RequirementMain Quest
Avada KedavraIn the Shadow of the RelicSide Quest
CrucioIn the Shadow of the StudySide Quest
ImperioIn the Shadow of TimeSide Quest

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Those are all the thirty-one spells in Hogwarts Legacy and each related quest you will need to complete to learn them. Let us know if this guide helped you by leaving a comment below!

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC; and scheduled for release on April 4, 2023, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and July 25, 2023, on Nintendo Switch.

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