D2: How To Get Harsh Language – God Roll for PvP and PvE

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With the release of the latest Lightfall expansion, Bungie has introduced a ton of new and exciting weaponry in Destiny 2, and there’s one in particular that packs a serious punch. It’s called Harsh Language, and it’s a Legendary Wave Frame grenade launcher that you’ll definitely want to try out.

It is one of the few weapons in the game that perform well in both PvP and PvE, with the right perks. And if you are a fan of the only other Void Wave Frame, Deafening Whisper, you must start farming for this one! Here is how to get the new breech-loaded grenade launcher in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance and what roles you will be hoping to acquire it with.

Harsh Language God Roll for PvE

PvE God Roll Perks for Harsh Language Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2
My Current PvE Harsh Language
Barrel:CountermassFor the +10 Handling, +10 Stability, and -25 Recoil.
Magazine:High-Velocity RoundsMainly for the +10 Velocity and larger initial blast radius.
Trait #1:Envious AssassinOverflows the grenade launcher based on the number of rapid defeats you get with your other weapons. Must-have if you don’t like reloading your breech-loaded GLs!
Trait #2:Repulsor BraceGrants a Void Overshield with 50% damage resistance when you defeat a void-debuffed target. Synergizes exceptionally well with the Season 20 Artifact Mod, Volatile Flow.
Masterwork:VelocityMaximizing the projectile travel speed.
Mod:Major SpecFor some extra damage against stronger combatants.

Harsh Language can roll with a bunch of useful perks, but the “god roll” depends on your playstyle and loadout. I went with Envious Assassin in the third column because I find myself using the new Strand Sidearm, Final Warning, a lot, and it can rack up rapid kills pretty quickly. And with Repulsor Brace in the fourth column along with the new ‘Volatile Flow’ mod from the seasonal artifact, I always have a Void Overshield that reduces incoming damage by 50%, no matter my subclass or build. But if you’re feeling confident about your survival skills in a specific activity, the new perk, Destabilizing Rounds, is also great for clearing out ads super efficiently.

Harsh Language God Roll for PvP

PvP God Roll Perks for Harsh Language Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2
My Current PvP Harsh Language
Barrel:Quick LaunchFor maximizing Handling, a stat that is crucial in PvP.
Magazine:High-Velocity RoundsFor some extra Velocity and Reload Speed.
Trait #1:Threat DetectorGrants even more Reload Speed and Handling when even one enemy is nearby; might mean the difference between winning or losing a gunfight!
Trait #2:Disruption BreakExtremely potent and underrated perk for PvP. Hit an enemy with the wave and switch to your Kinetic weapon to deal 50% more damage for free!
Masterwork:Reload SpeedWith this, the stat stands at a satisfying number of 85.
Mod:Quick Access SlingFor faster ready and stow speed after switching to it.

The Harsh Language is an excellent option if you want to switch things up from (meta) shotguns in the Energy Slot. With Disruption Break, the trick is to keep the weapon handy while rushing into a fight, shoot it at the ground ahead of your opponent, quickly switch to your top-tier Kinetic, and blast them away. It’s incredibly potent in medium-range engagements and much more enjoyable than relying on shotguns or Fusion Rifles as your secondary. I’m currently pairing it with the Autumn Wind (540 RPM) Pulse Rifle, and the combo absolutely slays!

Give it a shot, and drop a comment below to let me know your thoughts!

How to Get Harsh Language in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Terminal Overload Public Event in Liming Harbor, Neomuna
Terminal Overload in Liming Harbor, Neomuna

As excellent as the ‘Harsh Language’ grenade launcher is, unfortunately, you can’t acquire it via weapon-focusing with a specific vendor. It’s a world drop weapon, meaning that any activity you complete in Destiny 2 has a chance of dropping this bad boy. So, it’s all in the hands of the “RNG Gods” to bless you with a copy that has the perfect perks. However, I do have a hot tip for you – I suggest playing the new ‘Terminal Overload’ Public Event in Neomuna and don’t forget to complete any nearby patrols while you’re at it. There’s currently a good farm going with that event that lets you ‘double-dip’ on the rewards by sparrowing out of the area to another region and back in to open the chest two more times after completing the activity. That’s how I got my hands on multiple copies of the weapon and even scored two with my favorite perk combos!

Here’s a video by LUCKYY 10P explaining the triple chest loot strategy.

That is everything you need to know about how to get the new Harsh Language grenade launcher in Destiny 2 and its god-roll perks. Leave a comment if this guide helped, and stay tuned to Gamer Haul for more!

Destiny 2: Lightfall is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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