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The Guiding Sight, a High-Impact Frame Scout Rifle (150 RPM), has made a return to Destiny 2 in Season 22’s Iron Banner reward pool. Unlike its previous versions, which were Kinetic, this iteration is now part of D2’s arsenal as a Strand Primary. It features two new perks and a fresh Origin Trait, offering exciting possibilities for both endgame PvE and PvP engagements.

In this guide, we’ll look at the best perk combos for The Guiding Sight, covering both PvE and PvP God Rolls for this returning Iron Banner Scout Rifle.

D2: The Guiding Sight PvP God Roll

After theorycrafting and ample testing in the Crucible, this is the PvP roll I recommend:

Barrel:Hammer-Forged Rifling+10 Range.
Magazine:Ricochet Rounds+5 Range and +10 Stability.
Trait #1:Enlightened ActionA new perk introduced in Season 22, offering exceptional utility. It grants a +10 bonus to Handling and a +10 boost to Reload Speed with each weapon hit – stacking up to five times.
Trait #2:Kill ClipProvides a flat 25% damage increase for simply reloading within 3.6 seconds of scoring an elimination. Synergizes well with Perk #1 since you will also reload faster after a kill!
Origin Trait:Nadir FocusSustained fire increases Accuracy and Range.
Masterwork:Range+10 Range, effectively pushing the total range up to 90.
Mod:Targeting Adjuster~7% Damage increase against Elites and Minibosses.
The Guiding Sight PvP God Roll Perks in Destiny 2
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D2: The Guiding Sight PvE God Roll

These are the perks you should chase on The Guiding Sight for any PvE content:

Barrel:Chambered Compensator+10 Stability and +10 Recoil Direction – helps manage the strong kick on constant firing while also reducing flinch.
Magazine:Flared Magwell+15 Reload Speed and +5 Stability.
Trait #1:DemolitionistEach elimination refunds 10% grenade energy, and using your grenade ability automatically reloads the weapon. This perk synergizes extremely well with both our 4th column choices!
Trait #2:Hatchling / Adrenaline JunkieHatchling is a powerful ad-clearing perk, especially when using a Strand subclass and the right fragments to enhance your Threadlings. Adrenaline Junkie offers a reliable damage boost – up to a +33% increase in damage when you reach five stacks. Each weapon kill nets you one stack, and achieving a grenade kill instantly grants all five stacks.
Origin Trait:Nadir FocusSustained fire increases Accuracy and Range.
Masterwork:Stability+10 Stability
Mod:Major Spec~7% Damage increase against Elites and Minibosses.
The Guiding Sight PvE God Roll Perks in Destiny 2
Image via D2Foundry

How to Get The Guiding Sight in Destiny 2

Focused Decoding The Guiding Sight with Lord Saladin in Destiny 2

The Guiding Sight is a unique Scout Rifle exclusive to the Iron Banner, featured as part of Lord Saladin’s offerings in Destiny 2 Season 22: Season of the Witch. Effectively, there are three methods to farm this weapon:

  1. Play Iron Banner Matches: Engage in Iron Banner matches during Season 22, and you have a chance to receive The Guiding Sight as a random drop. Victories increase your chances of receiving a weapon from the current reward pool!
  2. Rank Up with Lord Saladin: Increase your reputation with Lord Saladin by completing bounties and participating in Iron Banner matches. Claim your Scout Rifle once you reach the suitable level!
  3. Focused Decoding: Once you’ve acquired at least one copy of the weapon, you can visit Lord Saladin at the Tower and use Iron Banner engrams to focus The Guiding Sight till you obtain your god roll!

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There you have it, folks! That is everything you need to know about the PvE and PvP god-roll perks for the new Guiding Sight Scout Rifle and how to get it in Destiny 2.

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