Grizzbolt Weakness in Palworld


Grizzbolt, a formidable Electric-type Pal, is featured as part of the first Tower Boss duo in Palworld at the Rayne Syndicate Tower: Zoe & Grizzbolt. This boss fight can prove to be quite challenging to complete before the timer runs out, especially if you don’t bring the right Pals in your party to counter Grizzbolt’s strength! In this article, we’ll explore Grizzbolt’s weaknesses and recommend the best Pals to use for this battle.

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What is Grizzbolt’s Weakness in Palworld?

Close up image of Zoe & Grizzbolt, the first Tower Boss in Palworld

Grizzbolt, being an Electric-element Pal, is weak against Ground-type attacks. So, it’s a good idea to recruit some strong Ground-element Pals into your party before engaging in this encounter with the first Tower Boss. That said, make sure to also level up your character and main combat Pals to at least level 15, as anything less will make this boss fight even more difficult than it needs to be!

List of Pals Strong Against Grizzbolt

Below is a list of the best Ground-type Pals (in order of their rarity and power) whose attacks will prove highly effective against Grizzbolt:

Paldeck No. Name
#13 Gumoss
#20 Rushour
#22 Fuddler
#43 Dumud
#67 Digtoise
#65B Surfent Terra
#48B Robinquill Terra
#100 Anubis

Each of the mentioned Pals in the list has access to two or more Ground-type attacks, such as Sand Blast, Stone Blast, and Stone Cannon, all of which deal additional damage against Electric-type Pals like Grizzbolt. They can also effectively resist Grizzbolt’s electric attacks!

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