Into the Fire Quest: How to Cool Off Boilers in Atomic Heart

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You’ve arrived in a Boiler Room with three overheated boilers set to blow up if you don’t do something about them, and frankly, you have no idea what it is that you need to do to cool them down! Atomic Heart can be like that – not giving direct instructions or obvious waypoints in missions and leaving it all up to the player’s imagination to finish them.

If you’re stuck with this ‘Boiler Room Puzzle’ in Atomic Heart, this guide is for you! Follow through, and you will get one step closer to getting your heat-resistant Polymer canister.

How to Cool off the Boilers in the Boiler Room Puzzle in Atomic Heart

You’ll come across this puzzle while on the ‘Into the Fire’ mission, which requires you to acquire the ‘Hot Workshop’ canister needed to power up the main gate in Facility 3826.

Inside the boiler room, you will find:

  • Three hot boilers
  • A series of connected pipes/tubes
  • A broken container full of blue ‘coolant balls’
Tube Mouth in the Other Room

Your objective in this mission is to cool each of the three boilers by leading the blue spheres into them through the maze of connecting tubes. To do this,

  • Grab a ball using your polymer glove (Press and hold ‘F’ on the Keyboard).
  • In the room adjacent to the Boiler Room, there’s a open pipe. Insert the ball into this pipe.
  • After inserting the coolant ball inside the pipe mouth, walk to the opposite side of the wall and locate it within the tube. You must use your glove to guide this ball through the transparent tubes to the first boiler. Get ready for a fight!
  • Take care of the robots that spawn after cooling down the first boiler.
  • Repeat for the remaining two boilers.

When you’ve cooled down all three boilers, you’ll have to go back the way you came to reach the Hot Workshop, where you’ll find your heat-resistant canister. Take this canister back to the ‘Birchtree life support system’ in the central area and insert it in one of the slots to complete that first step of the ‘In an Overgrown Park…’ mission.

  • Transparent Tube containing a blue coolant ball for boilers in atomic heart
  • Cooling Hot Boiler Atomic Heart

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Atomic Heart is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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